My culinary journey began with the Easy-Bake Oven (yes, back when they were powered by an incandescent light bulb). To me, there was something magical about stirring water into the cake mix, pushing the pan into the oven and watching it come out the other end, cooked.  I moved on to preparing dinners for my mom and dad following recipes from some kid’s cookbook I can’t remember the name of.  The best was my proudly created “backward dinner” that began with hot fudge sundaes and ended with a salad.

My parents should have won awards for enduring my home-cooking experiments but in fact their encouragement became a foundation for my love of cooking. Today, the act of chopping, sautéing, roasting and simmering offers relaxation at the end of a hectic day.  It brings me joy to create healthy and delicious meals from combining only a few simple ingredients.  I find family dinnertime grounding and it has become the anchor of our busy days.

I created Together In The Kitchen after a decade long marketing career at Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft. Before that I was a health coach and certified personal trainer where I helped hundreds of clients lose weight, get strong and see improvements with cardiovascular disease, metabolic conditions and cancer diganoses.  I have degrees from UC San Diego in Physiology, Exercise Science and Education (with a little Art History thrown in there to round me out!).

I understand the challenge of incorporating more healthy eating into a busy week. I get the pressure of preparing a home-cooked dinner after work in and around activities.  As a mom, I know how anxious it can be to figure out what nutritious foods to feed your kids and then to get them to actually eat it!  And it gets more complicated if you or someone in your family has a food allergy.

Eating more healthy can be simple with some planning and easy techniques. Let’s talk to set up a personalized plan that will work with for you and your busy lifestyle.

Free 20 minute consultations are available to determine needs and set goals, so let’s talk!

We’ll meet in your kitchen, other convenient location, or via Skype/FaceTime.

Contact Me: michelle@togetherinthekitchen.com