Coaching clients one-on-one in person in the Bay Area and Online

Group classes and programs around the Bay Area and select locations

Do you find it challenging to cook a healthy dinner after a busy day and not grab to-go food?

Want to add more real foods while reducing processed food and sugar but not sure where to start?

Have you discovered you have a food allergy but no idea of how to cook using your new restrictions?

Interested in preparing more well-balanced meals your kids will enjoy and will keep them energized?

Does all of the nutrition advice and popular diets out there confuse you? (There’s a lot!)

Eating healthy during a busy week can be simple with some planning and easy techniques. I offer free 20 minute consultations so let’s talk! Together we’ll figure out your needs and how I can help you set and achieve your healthy eating goals. Meetings can take place in your kitchen, other convenient location, or via Skype/Facetime.

Our time together will be customized to fit your needs and goals. Example sessions include:

  • Eat More Real Foods: Reduce Sugars and Processed Foods, Healthy Alternatives, and Finding The Balance
  • Healthy Meal and Snack Ideas for Kids, Plus Feeding Your Picky Eater
  • Food Allergies: What To Cook and How To Prepare Foods On A Special Diet (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Nut-Free)
  • Grocery Store Consultations: Stocking A Healthy Kitchen
  • Meals Made Simple. Fast, Healthy Dinner Ideas

Eating More Real Foods:  Reducing Sugars, Processed Foods And Providing Healthy Alternatives
We’ll look at the foods you (and your family) eat including processed and packaged foods, frozen foods, snacks, dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, and fats for cooking (oils, butters, etc). We’ll read labels and I’ll teach you about ingredients to consider avoiding and why. I’ll provide ideas for healthier alternatives (and where to buy them).  After this session I’ll have you set some goals which may include foods you want to eliminate, eat in smaller quantities, or add into your diet.  And as you try the alternatives you’ll let me know how you like/dislike them and, of course, what your family think! If you/they don’t like them, we’ll think of others.

Grocery Store Consultations:  Stocking A Healthy Kitchen
Before we meet I’ll have you do some homework around your family’s food and drink likes and dislikes as well as any allergies. We’ll meet at the grocery store and begin to stock your pantry and freezer with more healthy items your family may enjoy. In each department we’ll analyze labels together (so many hidden ingredients!) and I’ll tell you what products I recommend and why. I’ll teach you about meat and fish selection (hormone-free, grass fed, % of fat, wild/farmed, etc), eggs (pasture-raised, cage free, etc), dairy (full fat vs low/nonfat), grains (gluten vs non-gluten, ease of preparation and fiber content), and seasonal vegetable/fruit selection.

Meal Planning:  Fast, Healthy Dinner Ideas For Busy People
Based on your likes, dislikes, goals, and allergies I’ll provide well-balanced meal ideas and snacks for your family plus recipes if desired. We’ll discuss proportions, foods for blood sugar regulation and increased energy, make-ahead meals, and the power of leftovers. Meal plans, food prep, simple real food recipes, ready-made items, and the right kitchen tools will help you create healthy meals and snacks.

Make Cooking Fun Not Another Chore!
Let’s teach you the joy of cooking! Based on your needs I’ll show you techniques that will make cooking more fun and easy. I will demonstrate the basics (how to chop an onion, for example) or how to put together a quick soup, roast a chicken, make chicken stock, put together yummy salads, simple salad dressing, etc. If desired we can cook from a meal plan or cookbooks you have at home. We can also take a look at your kitchen tools (knives, pots, pans etc) and I can make recommendations for products that make cooking efficient, easy, and enjoyable.

Teach Your Kids About Healthy Eating Plus Feeding Your Picky Eater
Healthy eating is a skill you must teach your children. I’ll show you how to prepare healthy foods kids will love, or at least curious enough to try a few bites! Understand the important foods to serve for breakfast and pack into lunch boxes that will keep kids energized all day long. Learn strategies for getting your kids to explore new foods at the family table. Studies have shown that children who are engaged in the kitchen through shopping, cooking, and eating nutritious foods are empowered to start making the healthy eating choices from a young age.

Food Allergies:  Cooking And Grocery Shopping On A Special Diet (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, etc)
Have you or your child been told you need to eliminate certain foods from your diet? Have you had a special diet for years but want to expand your recipe base? Maybe you’re curious if eliminating foods like gluten, dairy or sugar may help you lose weight or feel more energetic. I promise you will still be able to create delicious meals with your new lifestyle — let me show you how!


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