Three Questions At Bedtime

Note: This is totally not related to cooking, eating, or anything in the kitchen. This is my attempt to teach my daughter (and myself) the importance of reflecting and expressing gratitude at the end of a busy day. 

As my daughter grows up (too fast!) I have inserted “Three Questions” into the bedtime routine. In the gentleness of the dark while snuggling together in her bed I softly ask Eva: What did you do today that made you happy, how were you brave today, and what did you see today that was beautiful?

Tonight she answers: going down the slide at the park, climbing the ‘pods’ at the park (this is something that was very hard for her to master but she finally did), and her stuffed animal named “Toy”.

Eva then asks me the same questions. I answer:  going for a walk in the sunshine, speaking up at a meeting at work, and the sunrise we saw together that morning from her bedroom window.  With every answer I am reminded that although some things feel stressful for me right now I am grateful for the moments of happiness, bravery and beauty that I experience every day.

Sweet dreams my love.

Eva On The Pod
Braving the “Pods” at the park


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