Salad Nicoise

Note: Before I started Together In The Kitchen I had a blog of letters devoted to my daughter, Eva. It was my way of passing recipes down to her as well as stories of us being together in the kitchen.  I will continue letters to her on this blog from time to time.  xo, Michelle

Dear Eva,

Everyday when I go to work, you are taken care of by a group of people your dad likes to call “our village”.  This village, or what I call your extended family, is headed up by O, the Mighty Nanny.  She takes care of you and C, three days your junior. C’s parents adore you and care for you just as we do their daughter.  Then there’s Holly Dog who licks your face and makes sure “her people” are watched over and protected.

C’s mom is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside and has become a dear friend of mine. We walk almost everyday at 5pm with you girls strapped to our backs in Ergos.  Down the hill, to the dog park where Holly Dog chases after a tennis ball (which she constantly loses and then finds!), around the park where we watch the little girls and boys play soccer, and then back up that very steep hill to home. This climb was MUCH easier when you weighed less than 15 pounds!

Some days our walks take longer.  Like if Holly loses the ball too many times or you drop your toy and I pick up your toy too many times. Salad Nicoise is something I can put together in about 15 minutes if I’ve prepped some ingredients beforehand. This leaves just enough time to eat and put you to bed on time.

Salad Nicoise

Eva, I prepare this for you with salmon instead of tuna. You like the egg, potato, green beans, and avocado. No lettuce until you have more teeth! I’ve come to find out you LOVE LOVE the black oily provencal olives (“more olie, more olie” you say) and tartly cured capers.  So this meal is a win win for all of us.

Toss mixed greens (tonight I combined spinach and spring mix) with vinaigrette*.

On top of lettuce place:
Green Beans – blanched for 2-3 minutes in salted, boiling water
Steamed or Boiled Yukon Gold Potatoes sliced (can make ahead)
Hard Boiled Egg halved lengthwise (can make ahead)
Sliced Avocado
Oil Cured Black Olives – Pitted

Prepare Ahi Tuna: Before cooking rub fish with sesame oil, salt and pepper and pat all over with sesame seeds. Get the sauté pan hot. Sear maybe 1-2 minutes a side so it stays rare on the inside. Slice and place on salad.

Serve salad with some more dressing on the side to drizzle as wanted.

*My favorite recipe for vineagrette is from David Lebovitz who is busy living the sweet life in Paris. It can be found here.

I love you,

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